what is a parallax scrolling website all about?

Apple Crate Marketing Offers The Only Parallax Website Design

What is a parallax scrolling website? Also known as parallax website, a parallax scrolling website produces amazing images by using a faux 3D effect and layering multiple images that scroll at different speeds.

To give you a great visual, imagine you are a bird flying high above an interstate highway during rush hour traffic. As you fly, look down upon the highway and you’ll see cars in different lanes of the highway moving at different speeds. Now imagine this effect on your computer screen–this is what parallax scrolling looks like.

Apple Crate Marketing has taken website design to an entirely different level with cutting edge parallax website design.

why is apple crate marketing the leader in parallax design?

Apple Crate Marketing specializes in custom parallax design themes. Our in-house Parallax Website Development Team knows the ins and outs of a Parallax Website. Unlike a traditional static website, a parallax scrolling website can contain multiple layers of a parallax image. Each parallax image is its own layer. If you add a second parallax image on top of this existing layer, a cutting-edge 3D effect will result. Let’s face it, you want the best online identity for your business—Apple Crate Marketing knows how to make this happen.

take your traditional website and turn it into a parallax scrolling website today!

Isn’t it time you separated yourself from your competition? Market research shows that 95% of online consumers assess the value of your website based off of its initial appearance. Because of this, it is important to have a company website that instantly grabs and holds potential customers. A poor first impression can cost you clients–the more effort you put into your site, the more customers you will collect.

Parallax scrolling websites are the future of website design. Our parallax website design team at Apple Crate Marketing will put you ahead of the curve and give your company that extra edge over your competition. Apple Crate Marketing will provide you with your custom designed 3D parallax scrolling website that will impress your customers and help your company generate business. We will help you turn your traditional website into a parallax scrolling website today.