why is graphic design important to seo?

Graphic Design Will Help Your Company's SEO

It takes less than a second for a visitor to form an impression about your website. This initial reaction is based off your website’s visual graphic design elements. Thus, it is easy to see how important the construction  and graphic design of a website is to the success of a company. If a visitor is turned off by overwhelming images on a site, then he is more likely to leave that site in search of another.

The main idea behind SEO is to spur conversions (when visitors on your company site become subscribers). It only makes sense to invest in online marketing if a website can turn visitors into subscribers. One element of this conversion process is having a visually appealing graphic design. If a visitor is impressed with your site, he is more likely to seek further information about your practices. Your website is a representation of your business—if your home page comes across as unprofessional and messy, so will your company and its practices. Because of this, graphic design and web design play a large role in the SEO world.

apple crate marketing’s in-house graphic designers are graphic design experts!

Take a look around our website; have you had a chance to view all of the different Parallax scrolling images and graphic designs on every page of Apple Crate Marketing’s website? All of Apple Crate Marketing’s graphic design is created by our in-house graphic designers–truly professional graphic design is just a phone call away! The process is simple: call us and give us a description of the graphic design you are interested in, and one of Apple Crate Marketing’s graphic designers will create the perfect image for you. Graphic design is included in some of our SEO packages, but as our Apple Crate Marketing graphic designers are in such high demand, it is best to call  today to discuss your company’s graphic design needs.

apple crate marketing’s graphic design software

Using state of the art graphic design software programs, Apple Crate Marketing’s graphic designers are able to create extremely accurate and realistic representations of real-life objects. After modeling the desired object, the graphic designers are able to create applicable scenes to place the objects in. The resulting images are so lifelike that viewers will not help but wonder if they are real authentic photographs.

So why not just hire a photographer? The primary benefit of 3D modeling graphic design is that you are able to render an image with the camera pointed at any angle or position you wish. If, after the graphic design modeling is finished, a person decides he needs a shot from a completely different view, our graphic designer can accomplish this easily. Another benefit is that, quite literally anything can be rendered. If your company can picture it, Apple Crate Marketing can create it for you.